Aréna: Earls Court

Előadott számok: Waiting, Fastlove, I'm Your Man, Father Figure, You Have Been Loved, Everything She Wants, Precious Box, One More Try, Jesus To A Child, An Easier Affair, Too Funky, Shoot The Dog - interval - Faith, Spinning The Wheel, Feeling Good, Roxanne, My Mother Had A Brother, Amazing, Flawless, Outside

Ráadás: Careless Whisper, Fantasy, Freedom '90

Komment: Tonight, on the second and last night (ever) in Earls Court, the cameras are rolling for a possible 25Live DVD. George repeats last years Wembley broadcast stunt, by letting his audience say "Hello Mum!" on camera during 'Spinning The Wheel'. George is on a roll himself - with an interesting setlist, he plays one of the longest shows on the tour. Tonight Europe gets to hear 'Fantasy' for the first and so far last time live. 'Shoot The Dog', 'Precious Box', 'You Have Been Loved' and a beautiful and emotional 'My Mother Had A Brother' make their return on the setlist. George takes a moment to embarrass best friend David Austin telling his fans David complained he didn't get credits as co-writer when last night George told the audience and present media he wrote a new Christmas song. Sitting on the stairs, catching his breath after an energetic performance of 'Fantasy', George says in a speech - addressing his Earls Court audience, the “wonderful people of London Town and all over the world” - “It’s been an amazing, amazing, amazing ride but there have been so many moments when the compromises have seemed too huge and I just felt...I've spent the last two years working out that every single f****** bit of aggro is worth it - for this. So thank you for that, I really do.”