Stadion: Parken

Előadott számok: Waiting, Fastlove, I'm Your Man, Father Figure, You Have Been Loved, Everything She Wants, Precious Box, One More Try, Jesus To A Child, An Easier Affair, Too Funky, Shoot The Dog - interval - Faith, Spinning The Wheel, Feeling Good, Kissing A Fool, Roxanne, Amazing, Flawless, Outside

Ráadás: Careless Whisper, Freedom '90

Komment: This is the very last show of the entire 25Live Tour. A tour which originally was supposed to last three months, but ended up lasting almost two years. But so here in Koppenhága ends this immense success story for George Michael and his fans. Unfortunately for some fans the evening doesn't start all that pretty. As security fails to acknowledge situations can become tricky while queuing before any concert, people in the Golden Circle line are left in a potentially dangerous situation when the mass of people becomes too huge and the space too little. George's late soundcheck comes as a bad timing for those fans because it means they have to endure "the worst queuing ever". After the energetic Earls Court concerts, George shows up tonight with renewed energy to give his fans once again a fantastic concert. He doesn't talk much to his audience in the first half but in the second half he connects more with his fans. Tonight George plays 'Kissing A Fool' for the first time in Europe on the entire tour. He dedicates 'Jesus To A Child', which is on the setlist for the third time this year, to Anselmo. Before finishing the concert - and the tour - with 'Freedom '90', George thanks the people who work on "this whole huge thing" (de stage setting), and his band saying, "It's been an amazing two years and I couldn’t have done this without these people. I’m telling you, you could not tour around the world with a better group of people.” Credits for people who deserve them. George says in the 2008 Tourbook, "If I was getting a reference, I think I would say that I did OK." We think it's safe to say that if you ask fans and critics, he did better than that, George did a superb job the last two years. Hats off to George!